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  • Designer

    SKATEROOM x Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat


  • Size

    31.5h x 8w x .5"d


  • Material



  • Year of Design



  • Origin




Past and contemporary street culture come full circle in this Jean-Michel Basquiat Skateboard Triptych featuring a reproduction of Basquiat's 1983 work In Italian, made of high-quality Canadian maple wood skateboards.


1980s art icon and native New Yorker Jean-Michel Basquiat was hailed for works that draw on a multivalent range of sources, from Greek, Roman, and African art to jazz, pop culture and his artistic contemporaries. Before he rose to art stardom, however, his work was already legendary on the streets of downtown NYC.


Under the tag SAMO©, Basquiat's fragmented poetry and poignant symbols established a visual vocabulary that continues to inspire a new generation of graffiti artists today.


Jean-Michel Basquiat: Skateboard Triptych In Italian is a set of three skate decks made in collaboration between The Skateroom and The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat.


Wheels and trucks are not included. 

For instructions on how to mount your boards.



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Jean-Michel Basquiat: Skateboard Triptych In Italian

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